In reviewing the section starting at 1:22:18 where Dr. Jordan Peterson is describing the construction of the Old Testament, something stood out to me. Within the context of his analysis in this video, the biblical narrative seems to simply be the out-picturing of the human experience. He talks about how the narrative begins with a “possession by the generic divine” which moves to “dominance by the specific individual.”

Relating that narrative to developmental psychology, that is the journey of the human life: being possessed by the mother (generic divine) as an infant and then growing up and individuating with the help of the Father – to become a productive member of society. Since the Bible was most likely written and edited by men, it perhaps most accurately reflects the story of male individuation as humanity developed a more complex method of telling stories about itself.

If that’s true, then it seems somehow appropriate that some women today in Western culture, given their relative affluence (historically speaking), are interested in, and are pursuing, the feminine narrative. In other words, if the Bible in its current form is an archetypal out picturing of the masculine experience of life, what is the feminine story?

What comes to mind though is that Mary was the mother of Jesus. Is it possible that the feminine role as mother is so powerful that it needs no narrative? Can we just say that women are the collective mother of humanity?

In doing so, we re-acknowledge the profound role of the feminine in life. So the question then becomes, why all the clamor over equality in today’s culture?

The Economics of Agitation

I found something very interesting in video by Candace Owens recently where her guest Rob Smith explains what happened after gay marriage was legalized:

Smith refers to the “non-profit hustle” as a way to explain the current frenzy over trans-rights. I think that makes a lot of sense. And possibly, a large part of the chaos we’re currently witnessing in our culture is due to these types of groups trying to keep the victim narrative going. Furthermore, this seems to be the current failure point of the democratic party in the U.S.