Accutane Recovery

At the age of fourteen, John was given an acne medication called Accutane, that plunged him into a three-decade-long journey of pain and suffering. He was unable to find relief from therapists, doctors, or healers. After decades of work and having now achieved a robust recovery from the complex and debilitating effects of Accutane, he is passionate about helping others heal from the effects of this potentially life-destroying drug.

As part of the healing journey, John has also discovered root causes of several neurological conditions and disorders and is working to make this information available to the public.

The healing journey from Accutane involved an in-depth understanding of multiple body systems including the nervous system, the digestive system, cellular function and metabolism, the gut microbiome, ketosis, and insulin function, adrenal function, and brain function, specifically neurotransmitters.

Academic Study

John graduated from the 2,320 hour diploma program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2005, where he studied anatomy and physiology, childhood development, human psychology, the human energy field, relational dynamics, core energetics, and spiritual and non-linear aspects of human existence. He has also been a student of Dr. David Hawkins’s work for over a decade.

Style of Practice

Trained as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, John now mostly focuses on health consultations in which he evaluates various health situations and draws on multiple modalities to present possible, effective pathways to health.

A holistic approach is used that focuses on functional medicine, while taking into account emotional, mental, and spiritual components to health.

John also specializes in working with highly sensitive people, gifted individuals, and the parents of these individuals. Highly sensitive physiology is a genetic, evolutionary strategy seen in at least 100 species in the animal kingdom, including humans. Highly sensitive people exhibit an increased depth of processing of information, as well sensitivity to subtlety, among other things. John has been inspired by the work of Dr. Elaine Aaron on high sensitivity and is currently working on developing resources for highly sensitive and/or gifted individuals.

As a BHS practitioner, John is ethically bound by the Principles of Practice for Brennan Healing Science Practitioners.

Personal Transformation

John has done extensive personal transformation work at the deepest levels, including working with generational woundings, masculinity, healing codependency, healing diabetes, healing sexuality, healing heart disease, and addressing problems with the standard American diet (SAD).