Now that you’ve laid some strong foundations, it’s time to begin the work of rebalancing your neurotransmitters.

This is a delicate process which requires the skill and intuition you have developed by exercising the Pulse Method for the better part of a year. It requires the nutritional components from improved digestion and effective supplementation. It relies on the care for the nervous system that you have lovingly given yourself. Everything you’ve done and learned so far has led to this point.

In my own case, this was nearly the final step in my recovery, and a powerful one it was. This is when my accutane recovery really began to kick into high gear. Let me tell you what happened:

I had solved the digestive issues and restored my physical energy. I had learned about ketosis and fat digestion. I had experienced several false dawns including Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and all of the digestive components. I had worked with probiotics, adrenals, and everything else I could think of. But I was still experiencing a very unpleasant form of exhaustion.

“Why am I still tired?”

One day something occurred to me in the middle of a multi-day episode of darkness, “I wonder if this (terrible exhaustion) has to do with neurotransmitters?” The answer to that question was yes, and it led to the final stage of my recovery and to the creation of the course you are taking now.

Neurotransmitter Starvation

“Neurotransmitter starvation” is a term I came up with to describe the experience of eating all the right foods, digesting them well enough, yet still experiencing some kind of hunger, sense of emptiness, or “not rightness.”

I believe that neurotransmitter starvation goes a long way towards explaining addictions and addictive behaviors. To overcome it requires an understanding of how neurotransmitters are assembled in the body. And that’s what we’re going to look at in this next section.

A Language Restored

A powerful effect of addressing neurotransmitter starvation was that my body began to heal on a much deeper level. Neurotransmitters are the alphabet of the nervous system. Without them, the body cannot form the words that it needs to speak to itself. Thoughts, emotions, and other signals become stuck along the electric pathways of the body’s nerves. As the physiological foundations for this fascinating language are restored, the internal conversations of the body can begin to flow again.