The activation of RAR by RA binding triggers the recruitment of transcriptional coregulators to target promoters, thereby inhibiting or allowing the transcription of genes (8). RXR also forms heterodimers with several other nuclear receptors, including thyroid hormone receptor (TR), vitamin D receptor (VDR), steroid receptors, and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) (9). In this way, vitamin A may interact with thyroid hormone, vitamin D, steroids (e.g., estrogen), or PPAR ligands signaling pathways and influence the transcription of a broad range of genes.

By regulating the expression of over 500 retinoid-responsive genes (including several genes involved in vitamin A metabolism itself), retinoic acid isomers play major roles in cellular proliferation and differentiation (i.e., cell commitment to highly specialized functions).