Research Study Instructions

Thank you for participating in the study. Please follow these instructions carefully.

If you have already been tested for MTHFR and know your C677T and A1298C variants status, you may choose to only complete steps 3 and 4 below and then submit your study questionnaire as instructed in step 9. You may also choose to do all 9 steps to receive additional gene and health information provided by the StrateGene report.

If you have not been tested before, please proceed, starting with step 1.

Step 1: Order DNA Test Kit

Step 2: Mail Your Saliva Sample

Once your DNA test kit arrives (7-10 days), follow the instructions and mail your saliva sample to

Step 3: Download the Research Study Questionnaire

Download the study questionnaire here:

Important: Type your answers into column B. Do not type in any other column. Do not insert or remove any lines from the spreadsheet.

Step 4: Complete Research Study Questionnaire

Open the research questionnaire using one of the following programs:

  • Apple Numbers
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Spreadsheets

When you open the spreadsheet, you will see three columns.

Important: Type your answers into column B. Do not type in any other column. Do not insert or remove any lines from the spreadsheet.

Answer all the questions in the research questionnaire over the next 6-8 weeks while waiting for your DNA test results.

Step 5: Purchase StrateGene DNA Report

When you receive notification from that your DNA test is available, it’s time to purchase the StrateGene report from

Step 6: Create Your StrateGene DNA Report

After you’ve purchased the StrateGene report, follow these instructions:

Detailed Steps for AncestryDNA 2.0

Once you have uploaded your raw data, stay on the page (10 minutes or less) until your StrateGene® report is ready for you to download. You can also wait for the email notification (10 minutes or less) and access your report through the link we email you.

Please be aware that we do not store your information and your report download will only be available for 20 days from the date of upload. We do this to protect your personal data. If you do not download and save your report within this timeframe, you will need to repurchase StrateGene® and reupload your raw data.

Step 7: Download Your StrateGene Report PDF

Download your StrateGene report PDF.

Step 8: Take Screenshots

At the end of your Strategene report PDF, there are seven “Advanced Tables.” You can find them by clicking on the “Advanced Tables” link at the bottom of any page in the report.

If you successfully used your participant ID when generating your StrateGene report, you may simply attach the entire report when submitting your research questionnaire. OR, you may take an individual screenshot of each one of the seven tables and save them into a folder on your computer. Your screenshots should look like this:

Step 9: Submit Your Questionnaire & StrateGene Report (or Screenshots Only)

Send an email to HealthInsightsLCC [at]

Subject Line: [insert 5 digit participant ID here] Research Study Answers


  1. Your completed and saved research study questionnaire
  2. Either your full StrateGene Report that uses your Participant ID and does not contain your name, OR all 7 screenshots of the advanced tables from your StrateGene report.

Send the email.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours, please contact us here.

Step 10: Optional: Sign Up to be Notified of Study Findings

If you haven’t done so already, and would like to receive news and updates from the research study, including announcements of any follow up studies:

Thank you for participating!