THANK YOU to the following Patrons:

Kathleen LeRoy, William Nicoll

John NicollThank you for considering becoming a patron! Your support makes a world of difference in having the time and energy to do what I do best and being able to share that with the world. Your support will be used for writing and releasing new songs, musical sketches, and music videos.

I’ve hemmed and hawed over what I can offer for patronage levels (i.e., behind the scenes videos, downloads of the music, patron names in the video credits, etc…) and the truth is, as I’m just getting started with this and recovering from a neurological disorder, I don’t want to get too overwhelmed, so I’m just going to offer a some support tiers to start, along with a donation option. As this year moves ahead and I’m able to focus more on producing music, hopefully I can do more here.

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