As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I am ethically bound by the Principles of Practice for Brennan Healing Science Practitioners.
Select a category below to schedule a session with me. Please note that I am unable to accept insurance.

Free Introductory Consultation

For new clients, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation so you can meet me and get a feel for whether or not you’d like to work with me. To schedule  a consultation, please click on “Healing” above, then “Introductory Consultation.”

Uncovering Root Causes

As a healer, my focus in on helping you discover and work with the root causes of any discomfort or dis-ease you may be dealing with. I’m also focused on giving you the tools and skillset to be able to take charge of your own health. This is a process, and cannot be rushed yet, when it’s done, the goal is for you to have some degree of mastery over your own health.

Accutane Recovery

Having achieved a vibrant recovery from accutane damage, I’m now focused on helping others achieve a similar results. I offer several methods of support:

  • Accutane Recovery Course
  • Accutane Recovery Newsletter (Free)
  • Accutane Intake Consultation ($1,200): Please scroll to the top of this page and select “Accutane Recovery” for more details. This service is for people who have taken Accutane and are dealing with chronic, complex health issues, including antidepressant usage. I do offer a money back guarantee: As part of this service, you will submit a detailed intake form. If, after reviewing your intake, I do not feel I can help you make significant progress in your healing, I will refund 100% of the intake fee.
  • Hourly Consultation ($225/hr): for Accutane recovery, I recommend the Accutane Recovery Course as a starting point. Alternatively, if you feel your situation is not serious enough to warrant the Accutane Intake Consultation, you can schedule an hourly consultation to discuss general healing principles involved with Accutane recovery.

Brennan Healing Science

Developed by former NASA atmospheric physicist, Barbara Brennan, Brennan Healing Science is a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to human health and healing. Barbara Brennan has written several books including “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging.”

As a Brennan Healing Science graduate (2,320 hour diploma program), I am trained to work in subtle energy medicine. BHS work is a form of holistic medicine which recognizes that illness and di-ease originate, and can be most effectively treated, at levels deeper, or more subtle than, the physical body. Healing involves working with clients in four dimensions simultaneously: the physical body, the human energy field (sometimes called the aura), the Hara (intention and surrender), and the “core star” or divine essence of the individual. This work may be done via “hands on healing” or by simply being present with the client.

Deep Listening

Sometimes just being seen and heard can have a profound healing effect. The word “insight” is defined as:

  • the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing
  • a deep understanding of a person or thing

Deep listening plays into all the work I do as a healer. If you feel that being deeply seen and heard is something you need, I am here to provide that service.

Intuitive Healing

As an intuitive healer, I receive direct impressions of what is happening with a client and where they may need to focus their attention in order to make progress. These impressions may reference any of the four dimensions mentioned in the last section. This ability is a natural gift and strength.

Health Researcher & Consultant

I have a talent for solving puzzles. As a health researcher my intention is to help the client heal as quickly as possible by identifying critical pathways to improvement.

As a health consultant, my intention and service is to help the client develop the necessary skills to reach ownership and mastery with their own health. Rather than taking ownership of the client’s health, I support them in learning how to do so themselves. Together we navigate available information of all kinds in order to discover the critical pathways to health.

Keto Consultant

My role as a keto consultant is based solely on in-depth personal experience with the keto diet over a period of several years. I am not a licensed dietician or nutritionist and my input on the subject of a keto diet is not meant to replace the professional services of either profession.

A Note

My work as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner involves working with the Human Energy Field (HEF). Contained within the HEF are energy levels pertaining to mind and emotions. As such I am present for clients on these levels and may be present with clients as they release mental and/or emotional blocks.

Please note however that my services should not be used as a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.