Elon presented his new Cybertruck last year and from what I could tell, there was a lot of negative reaction to the design. However, it’s clear that the truck’s visionary design is for Mars.

I created the image above to celebrate that vision. It’s also part of my upcoming music video “Life on Mars”:

The modeling and animation were done in Blender. Here’s the first music video I made in Blender.

And lastly, some credits to the people who helped me create the Cybertruck image above:

Produced by John Nicoll
Modeling (except as described below) and Animation by John Nicoll
Music, composed, arranged and performed by John Nicoll
Animation Produced in Blender 2.81

Cybertruck Model by PolyDucky, License: CC Attribution: https://tinyurl.com/yxxrrqtx
SpaceX Starship Model by MartianDays, License: CC Attribution:
SpaceX Dragon model by Chris Kuhn, License: CC Attribution: https://tinyurl.com/qoll9re
Opening video footage of rocket: BakersfieldNow Eyewitness News

Above models were custom textured by John Nicoll.