I was recently able to resolve some trouble sleeping by stopping looking at devices (phone, computer screen) after 8 pm. I had always thought that electromagnetic fields were not a big deal until I watched a video by Dr. Berg explaining how having an electromagnetic field near the brain can impact the hypothalamus.

I would lay on the couch at night, take off my glasses and hold the phone pretty close to my head and watch video, movies, etc…

I stopped doing this and my sleep has returned to normal. But last night I ended up working on the computer right up until bedtime and sure enough, I didn’t sleep as well and could feel the effect when I woke up this morning. The body was not able to completely rest. I’m clear at this point that being exposed to a phone or computer screen in the hours before bed definitely has a negative impact on sleep.  The result is systemic stress for the body which can accumulate over time and reduce quality of life.

The reason that VR headsets are a terrible idea is that they place an electromagnetic field and screen light right up against the face, irradiating the hypothalamus with an electromagnetic field and bombarding the eyes with artificial light. Secondly, the close up viewing distance puts a sustained strain on the ciliary muscles of the eye, leading to eye strain over time.

What this amounts to is a lot of stress on the body. So the idea that we’re all going to be on Oculus headsets communicating and working and playing games for hours on end is ridiculous. These devices will have a negative effect on children and adults, making them tense, irritable, and over time, strongly dissociative. For these reason VR headsets are a fail. The human body simply isn’t built for that kind of interaction. People that use them will experience vision problems and profound stress with prolonged usage.