Before I get into the details of what accutane recovery looks like, I want to share with you one of the final pieces of the puzzle in my own recovery.

About three years ago (30 years after taking accutane), I was absolutely miserable. I ran across some videos on YouTube about the ketogenic diet and with nothing to lose, decided to give it a try. I’ve always been a curious person.

I went through the process of “getting into ketosis” and when it happened, I knew I was onto something. My body was switching from sugar burning to fat burning and when that process took hold, my mental fog parted like the Red Sea before Moses. It was glorious.

I decided to stick with the diet and I lost 40lbs in two months. What an astonishing process. And during those two months, I had energy like I had never had in my life! My body was using fat as fuel and my energy (including libido) was through the roof. I thought to myself, “ah, the nightmare is over!”

Alas, it was not to be (yet), and it took me two more years of misery to figure out why.

At the time, I didn’t yet know anything about the damage accutane causes. However, with the ketogenic diet, what I eventually realized was that the moment I ran out of the 40lbs of stored body fat, my body had to start relying on digesting fat. Until that moment, it had a huge, internal supply to burn at will. But once that was gone, fat had to come in through the tissues of the digestive system. And that was the moment that my health faded again. It was a gradual process and I just succumbed once again to the suffering I had known for so long.

The Realization

After two more years of suffering, I started trying to tackle the problem again. Keep in mind I still hadn’t realized that accutane might be at the root of my distress. I was flying blind.

As I started working on the problem again, I began to realize I might need to significantly increase my stomach acidity and add in bile salts for fat digestion. I did those two things and Aha!, I started digesting my food much better and started to feel stronger. And then over the course of a few months, I finally realized that when I had run out of internal fat, I had become weak again. The digestion of fat was the issue!

That turned out to be one of the major keys to recovering from accutane damage.

What Does Accutane Recovery Look Like?

You can find more specific details here on the site about the stages of accutane recovery. Right now though, I want to share with you what accutane recovery can look like:

Restoring Physical Health

  • Unwinding stress and finding relaxation again
  • Restoring sleep quality and being able to sleep through the night
  • Fixing digestion and experiencing significantly improved physical energy
  • Healing the gut and restoring microbiome balance
  • Enjoying improved libido if that has been an issue
  • Enjoying improved coordination as neurotransmitter balance is achieved

All of these things help provide the foundation for:

Gaining Mental & Emotional Stability

  • Learning how to balance neurotransmitters
  • Experiencing emotional release and healing
  • Feeling excited about life again
  • Having the energy reserves which allow for extended concentration and achieving goals

The hard truth about accutane recovery is that the body and its systems have been damaged. The solution is to help it function as well as it can given the circumstances. In my case, it was 33 years before I was able to recover, so the accumulated stress and damage was about as much as a person could take and still remain alive somehow. My hope is that in your case, you can recover sooner and minimize the cumulative damage from stress.

If you choose to take this journey, you’re going to end up knowing more about the human body than you ever wanted to know. But the result is that you can reclaim, and become a master of, your own health.

Next Steps

If you want to go on the journey, here are some ways to proceed:

  1. Take the accutane recovery course [Not available yet. Being created now. Sign up for the accutane recovery newsletter to be notified…
  2. Read the healing protocol article I’ve written.
  3. I’m available to consult with you. More about that process here…
  4. I’ve released an Accutane Recovery Course